A creative and inspiring place for freelancers, contractors and remote workers to work

The Enclave was an awesome space with lots of space available. Now we're just waiting for you to join us!


After 13 fantastic years, The Enclave has closed its doors as of August 31, 2023.

As the first coworking space in Colorado Springs, it has been an absolute honor to serve you. We've met so many wonderful and interesting people on this journey; entrepreneurials, video and photo editors, many developers and programmers, a miniature sculptor, a high school teacher, marketers along with so many other professions and at times hobbies. A special thank you to a few key individuals who made The Enclave the very unique and special place it has always been throughout the years.

We wish you the best in all your endeavors! Until next time.

This is the best co-working space in the Springs! Jason Bobotch

The group here is top notch. Get the best of workplace interactions. Also a very reasonably priced way to have a spot away from the house for a day of serious work (or possibly to play video games. They won't judge.) Patrick Shechet

The enclave is a small, but cozy co-working space. Everyone there was super friendly and welcoming. Affordable pricing and easy parking. Next time I find myself in Colorado Springs, I'll be sure to visit again. Aaron

I spoke with Ryan and he was awesome. He answered all of my questions and provided tons of helpful information. Great customer service is so important yet hard to find these days. I would recommend contacting Ryan if you are interested in The Enclave. Mike Silverman

Visited this place a little over a month ago! Definitely one of the best deals in town for a shared workspace. I spoke with the owner Ryan on the phone for a bit before actually going to check out the location and I definitely admired the location as well as the space they had available. Kyla Gonzales

Great place if you're in the area and looking to get out of your basement once in a while. Timothy McFadden